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Are you ready to live the life you always dreamed of but were too busy raising your family, taking care of others or working too hard to be able to do what you always wanted?

Are you ready to create a revolution in your life , take the lid off and become the vibrant, powerful person that is within you so ready live the life you always dreamed of?

If you feel your soul is aching for more possibility and joy, more fulfillment and creativity in your life but don't know how, then you've come to the right person.  Your angels and mine and you and I will co-create together to help you find your joy of living again! 

I have a lot of tools in my toolbox for us to co-create with. 

Here is my consultation/reading page to choose what speaks to you.

I am am also a certified angel card reader/messenger and learned how to tune into my intuition while reading cards.

Would you like an angel card consultation/message? If so, here  is where you can order it.  

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Angel Card Reading

 I will send you your angel card consultation/message via email within 24 hours and usually sooner after receiving your order.

 For more about me, my bio and what else I offer read below.

Is panic or anxiety keeping you from living the kind of life you'd like to live? If so check out my video.

I am a tapping coach mentored by Rick Wilkes of Thrivingnow. I can help you release anxiety and stress with tapping.  Also if you feel blocked or feel stuck with your goals. I can help.  Tapping sessions are available through Skype or phone.  For people who have never tapped before the first session would be better on Skype so I can show you the tapping points and of course I will tap with you.   
You can order tapping sessions and readings from me on my consultation/reading page
If tapping doesn't speak to you I am a certified life coach, Astrologer, Tarot card and Destiny card reader, Psychic and certified Angel card reader.  I have many tools to help you.

I offer phone, Skype and email consultations and readings.

Live chat readings and consultations are available now. I do a lot of readings on my facebook page in private chat.  You will be able to copy and paste your reading from there too. 

I am looking forward to connecting with you.  

You can email me at jeanmaurie@angelsloveyou.com if you have questions about my readings or if you want to see if I'm available to come online for your instant paid chat reading.

Transformation is so much EASIER and FUN when you engage with a loving and intuitive being who can help you tune into your own inner guidance, your own clarity, and your own heart. Jean's life experiences and honed skills with emotional transformation tools will support you in making life changes that are both solid and long-lasting, regardless of your age.  I deeply appreciate the support she's given within our group over the years and highly recommend her to you if you are looking to live a thriving life! -- Rick @ Thrivingnow.com

Jean’s capacity to listen and to notice deeply is just amazing.  As a transformational coach Jean has the solid experience of having transformed her own life in dramatic ways: from life-long agoraphobic fears and panic attacks to a joyous, curious and loving woman so young at heart.  Her intuition and kindness are wonderful adjuncts to her skillful use of energy modalities of all sorts.  You can absolutely trust her.  I have and I do.  I am glad she has been in my life since we met six years ago.

Dave Bryant, PhD

Emotional Freedom Coach